Digitizing the fan decision journey

Incredible ticketing system that connects the artists with his fans for monetizing online traffic

Online sales 24/7

Managing of ticket and merchandise sales in the real time conditions in all local markets

Adaptive design

Modern adaptive design/development which works under all browsers and platforms

Connecting with fans

Social connection with fans for reaching marketing and promotional objectives

CRM + Digital Marketing

Optimizing of time spend for purchase, as well as vast toolbox for tour promotion

WorldTicket.pro is a ticketing system for sales of tickets and merchandise.

It was created by a team of like-minded people for partnering with leading artists, venues, concert organizers/promoters and festivals in order to increase their ability to sell tickets and merchandise in a fast and reliable manner. We create the solution on the side of the client for maximum monetization of online traffic and building the digital sales as well as post-sale service for music fans.

  • The system of ticket/merchandise sales that is constantly improving
  • Every project could be scaled up/down to the requests and needs of artist
  • Integration with main artist’s website and its existing database
  • Integration with ticket operators in local market
  • API for creating a unified/integrated ticket pool for distribution
  • E-commerce team with qualified experts in digital marketing
  • Professional and responsive support during the whole tour

Our advantages

Why you should work with us

Your own sales

Online shop-window for ticket sales on the side of artist, based on branded design

Optimizing of finances

Revenues reach artist’s bank account the next business day

Savings on commission

Monetizing online traffic. Sales without middle-man

Fan Club Ticketing

Early ticket sales exclusively for members of official fan club

Online sales 24/7

Artist’s own media, network of partners and integration with local operators


Sell you merchandise with tickets (T-shirts, CDs, M&G, etc)


VIP-tickets which are exclusive on the market for the most devoted fans

Multi-level pricing

Early admission to the venue, promo-codes, invitations, etc

Integrated ticket pool

Flexible options of cooperation with all market participants via API

Guaranteed delivery

E-ticket, mobile-ticket, print-out of ticket at home

Protection from fraud

Minimizing of fraud and ticket counterfeiting

Venue admission system

Mobile app for admission control (iOS and Android)

Social networking tools

Integration with social networks (VK and Facebook)


Integration with Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrics. Sales funnel


Segmentation of fans for targeted email reach-out to stimulate sales

Sales reports

Information on what, when and by whom exactly was sold – in the real-time regime.